Before you buy



Before you buy

When you buy your first course, you will need to create a username and password. Dont let the browser save the password. 


Online forløb for ledere

We feel confident, that you will get great value from implementing the elements of this course. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back. All you need to do is contact us and demonstrate, that you have done all the work in the course.

Online kurser for ledere

Your course is here: Menu: My Courses
As soon as you complete your order, your course will be available under “My courses.” Once you complete a course, it will be placed under “Completed courses” for half a year. But we never delete a course from your login without asking you in advance.

Default-username is your email address
You must choose a password. You will receive an email from DoEmpower with this information.


If your company is using the meeting system WhatGoesUp, a wide range of DoEmpower courses will be free of charge. Use the same email address that you use to log in to WhatGoesUp, and add your coupon.



Individual feedback
On all courses marked with * there will be individual feedback. Therefore, there is a limited supply each month. These courses have a duration of one calendar month and are to be completed within the month. It is up to you how to predispose your time. The specific description will give you the estimated work time and the amount of material belonging to the process.


Personlig feedback

Designed for a busy life
You must be online to take the course. A headset is recommended. The course includes videos, specific tools, templates, direct feedback* and free online support. Further reading will always be indicated, but if it is a requirement to complete the course, this will be clearly stated and calculated into the estimated course time.


Primarily for problem solving
All courses are designed to solve a specific problem. Or theme, if you like. If you need to get your management team to perform better, to make a specific decision presentation, or to find the best meeting structure etc, you would want to use courses from DoEmpower. All courses (without exception) beginning with defining the problem and all courses (without exception) should be measured on their ability to support your way to a solution. At this particular point DoEmpower is different from most competitors.

Designed for the executive team
There are courses designed for

  • the leader of the management team, wanting to create a stronger team.
  • the member of the management team wanting to enhance his influence on business development.
  • the support for management team, secretary or consultant, wanting to create the best possible environment for the team.

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